Some of my best memories from the Record have come on Thursday afternoons: sitting around a table in the Rott reading the paper, discussing articles and “perspectives” with friends and hanging around until the room is almost completely empty.

We read about the what’s happening at Goshen College, argue about peoples’ opinions and laugh at the funnies page.

Now I’m sure my friends and I aren’t the only people at Goshen College who have opinions about decisions made by the administration, general campus life and other college concerns. We all have opinions about news the Record publishes each week.

In last week’s issue, I’m sure people had opinions about the amount of money Goshen College is spending on the railway underpass or the Super Bowl commercials.

In this issue, others will undoubtedly have further questions and concerns about the new Egypt S.S.T. unit and the number of new students brought in by the admission department.

What better way to express such questions and concerns than over the Internet. In case you haven’t seen, the brand new online version of the Record gives readers the opportunity to leave comments about any story. You can even e-mail an author directly.

I know this campus is full of dialoge on a number of issues. So let’s take that dialoge from the lunch table to the broader campus community.