As I began scheming my plans for the Record this semester, I immediately saw it as a chance to bring attention to issues that the student body cares about.

What issues do students care about?  What kinds of things are Student Life and Administration doing?  What about Student Senate?  It is, after all, a newspaper for the students.

If there’s an issue on campus that seems to be getting brushed under the rug, a person on campus who should be recognized for something that is particularly unique about her or him, or something extraordinary that more people should know about, let the Record know about it at, or write a perspective!  In order for the Record to be truly satisfying for the readers, there needs to be communication between those who produce it and those who read it.

Another piece I want to incorporate is an opportunity for some kind of post-SST processing.  Many students go on SST and are forced out of their comfort zones and learn lessons they think they never want to forget.

After the initial culture shock of returning home, it is easy to fall back into the daily routine of how things were pre-SST. Although not everyone’s experience is necessarily earth shattering, it is worth taking the time to reflect on the ways in which your experience changed you, whether it is through your lifestyle, your worldview, etc.

It can be easy to forget how privileged we really are to be able to have an experience like SST. My hope is that the post-SST reflections column will provide an opportunity for personal reflection and encouragement for others to do the same.

In addition to my own touches, I aspire to keep the Record at the high level that last semester’s editor Laura Schlabach, and all previous editors, have continued to attain year after year.