This week was one of those weeks where I’ve walked across campus from a class to my next study area and passed a poster or a banner with our new slogan and thought to myself, “Heal the world? I just need to write five more pages on that paper for class X and try to get to bed by 2 a.m. Oh yeah, and make sure you eat plenty of oranges in the Rott—can’t get sick this week!”

Our new motto isn’t meant to pressure students or ask more of us than the college has in past years; I know that. “Healing the world, peace by peace” was created based on the energy that’s always been present at Goshen.

Maybe it’s because we’re a smaller school or maybe it’s because Goshen College simply attracts incredibly motivated and energetic people, but I’ve realized within the last year how involved Goshen College students are.

Goshen, as a whole, is incredibly active about the issues they find important: Goshen students and faculty were prime organizers of the 350 events last fall in Goshen. That same week, students also traveled to Carmel, Ind. for the Powershift summit, addressing climate and energy policies in Indiana. Within a month, the Michiana Monologues, a collection of readers’ theater monologues from Michiana women, will be performed on campus.

But apart from working with issues we’re passionate about, many of us are heavily involved in jobs, clubs or other campus extra-curriculars. This week before midterm break, the full course loads that many students take seem like even more with those midterm exams, papers and presentations all landing at the same time.

Congratulations Goshen College students! We have made it to the halfway point of our semester. Remember that next week is called midterm break not because it’s just tradition, but because it’s supposed to be a pause from classes, a Sabbath. Even if you work on class projects, make some money, spend your week job searching or are touring with the men’s choir out East, try to take some kind of rest from all the activity.

Enjoy your midterm break: rejuvenate, relax and prepare yourselves for the rest of the semester.