As cliché as it sounds, I simply cannot believe that my time with the Record and with Goshen College is coming to a close. This is the last issue of the semester and sitting down to write my last editorial is harder than I thought it would be.

This semester has been tough, with unexpected obstacles thrown my way. The final months of your college career are a very weird time; you’re more confident in your abilities and leadership roles on campus, yet you’re scared that employers won’t see anything in you.

You’re desperately trying to plan for the future while simultaneously holding on to these final moments of college. You cry more than you’d like to admit, yet you’re so incredibly happy and grateful to have the opportunity to have spent time learning and growing in this small but strong community. The time seems to slip quickly through your fingers, yet graduation day can’t come soon enough.

The key to surviving all this? Gratitude. I could not have made it through this final push of college without taking the time to practice gratitude. Whether it’s in my head to myself before I fall asleep or face-to-face with a close friend, I’ve tried to take the time to thank the people in my life for supporting and loving me no matter what.

I’d like to use this space to continue that mindful gratitude.

First, thank you to my Record staff. You are the reason we got a paper out each and every week. You brought life and joy to something that you could have just passed off as an unimportant obligation. Your fresh ideas and inspiration made this semester the best yet.

Second, I’d like to thank the community of Goshen. I grew up in this community and became who I am today because of your care. Goshen has been a lot of things to me, but the most important of which and will always be: home.

Third, I’d like to thank my professors. One of the best parts of attending a small college is the individual attention you can receive in courses. Each and every professor I’ve had the opportunity of learning from has pushed me to work my hardest in everything I do. They’ve shown me grace when I needed it most and shown me what dedication to vocation really means.

Last, but definitely not least, I’d like to thank my family and friends. You held me, encouraged me and supported me at all hours of the day or night.

I stayed in Goshen because I knew it would provide me with the opportunities I needed to grow. Little did I know, I would come to find friends that turned into family. (Shout out to the ladies of Kulp South 2015-16 and my soccer girls this past fall.)

Whether you’re graduating in a few weeks or just finishing your first year, take some time to practice mindful gratitude. It has given me a sense of peace and calm during my most anxious and frustrating moments. I hope it can do just that for you too.