On Monday, the deadline for student senate, at-large representative applications came and went.

Five candidates turned in applications for the five available spots.

Student Senate serves as a link between students and administration by taking initiatives to add transparency about their meetings and the board meetings, as the minutes are posted online for the student body.

There are initiatives in progress and more will be proposed this academic year.

If we feel that we aren’t being adequately represented, what should we do?

One simple step is to run for at-large representative. The deadline has been extended to today, Sept. 11, at 4 p.m. and it means you, and whatever demographic you identify with, can be better represented.

Another step is for you to talk to representatives or cabinet members about what changes you want to see, and to remember that not everything can or will be done.

There are open meetings throughout the year. If you have concerns, look into going to a meeting and speaking up.

Understand what’s going on by looking on social media, reading the communicator, looking at posters and reading emails from senate.

Participate in the student governance process and do your part to get Student Senate to represent us.

The overall need for us, as a student body, is to take responsibility by understanding and showing interest in our governing process.

What is the message given when we complain but don’t provide our time and thoughts, as students, to the group representing the student body?