The big story this week is the building of a wall across campus, something to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine-Israel. While I may not have personally been involved, I am glad to see the wall go up, because I like walls that are meant to divide.

For me the usual image that comes with walls is that of privacy, especially in man-made walls, the feeling that someone wants to keep others away from something that they guard, whether it be a holy land, or just the lawn in their back yard. While that’s not the happiest thought, what cheers me up about walls is the lack of success that they’ve had throughout history; it’s made me believe in the human race because of this failure.

The idea that a mere wall could withstand the will of people is laughable, and as a human race we have proved this again and again. I am sure that long into the future humans will continue to defy walls, and those that would choose to set them up. And while the wall across campus might not be as great as the Great Wall of China, or as secure as the one in Palestine, it is still there to divide, and while being late to class because of the wall will give the trusty train excuse a break, I know that when I cross the wall I’ll think of every other person before me that ever decided that the grass might be greener on the other side.