Between a lightning strike, a campus bomb scare, a blizzard canceling classes for the first time since ’78 and a reported sexual assault, this semester has been one of breaking news.

The most influential of these, though, was the reported on campus abduction and off campus sexual assault of a then-GC student.  Immediately, along with questions about the girls’ safety, came questions about on campus security.  Security staff increased, the dormitory doors were locked 24/7 and the overall attitude about campus safety changed.

Though investigators later found conflicting evidence, making the report untrue, the issue of security on campus continued to be evaluated.  As a result, a swipe card security system will be installed in the Kratz, Miller Yoder dormitories next fall.

This semester, the college continued to refine its institutional identity.  Conversation about the decision to play the national anthem continuing through the Listen and Learn process, questions about enrollment and discussions about how to best incorporate the core values into campus life continuing to challenge students, faculty and staff.

But beyond administrative changes, the students have continued to create their own identity through things like building the Israel/Palestine wall replica across campus, creating a small Menno Tea business, playing campus golf, speaking about peace issues in the peace oratorical contest, celebrating healthy bodies by making body casts, and turning the lights out for Earth Hour.

As we continue through to May term and the months beyond, let’s not lose sight of the things, like those listed above, which truly define our campus.