I have never been good at dealing with change as it happens.

It gives me a bad feeling and makes me feel sad inside. I don’t really know why, that’s just how it’s always been.

Last weekend, my sister got married, and I wasn’t emotionally prepared for that to happen. Talk about a big change.

It got me thinking about how I have always handled change.

I’m not her number one anymore, and we no longer share a last name. That has been tough to deal with for this change-hater.

But, she’s not moving to another state, and she’s still my sister. The wedding was beautiful, and it makes me happy to see her so happy. It’s good.

That’s the thing about change: so far it’s ended up being fine.

And hating change doesn’t stop it from happening.

It’s funny because I dread the change so much, but once things are different, I adjust, and I even almost forget what things were like before the change. Life goes on, and everything’s fine.

As a senior in college, I’m banking on that trend continuing.

The future is unknown for me, and after almost 17 years of school, I’m about to no longer be a student. I know I still have half a year left before I graduate, but in the grand scheme of things (and 17 years of school), that’s not a very long time.

I keep getting asked what I’m studying. When I say communications, they ask if that means I want to work for a newspaper, a magazine or go more towards the public relations route, to which I have no answer.

I could take a year off and do service somewhere, or I could go on the job hunt. I have options, and I’ll figure something out. Either way it will be a big change.

But that’s alright (at least I think). While change may be bittersweet most times, it usually ends with the sweet part.

I may not have an answer to the question “what are you doing next year?,” but that’s fine. And the transition from a student to an adult might just be better than I expect.