I have spent days thinking about what to write in my final editorial. I want to express my gratitude to all of the people who have contributed to my experience at Goshen College.

With this last editorial, a door is closing on my college life; a door that has exposed me to great people and to great opportunities. A door which gave me the courage to write for an audience that I didn’t know, and one that helped me to grow as not only a journalist, but as a person.

As a result, this last editorial will consist of many thanks to the people who made this experience possible.

Without a doubt, I must begin with Duane Stoltzfus, who gave me the freedom to write what I wanted but in a way unlike anyone before. No words could adequately describe the immense gratitude that I feel for Duane. Knowing my difficulties with the language, he helped feel more confident each time I wrote in English. At the same time, he showed me that there are more things in life to write about than sports.

Next, I want to thank all of my Record colleagues who have been with me throughout these years. I still have the first newspaper I was published in with my article about coach Young, “Young prepares for basketball season with deeper court vision,” in a frame that I will probably keep forever. I want to thank all of the editors who gave me the opportunity to be the sports editor and those who entrusted me to write an article or two. And also, thanks those who didn’t, as that challenged me to work harder to improve throughout these years.

Thanks to those who have contributed to the record this semester with articles, and to the staff who have made this semester a great one. Without them, this would not have been possible. And thanks, of course, to Seth, who has been the best support and partner I could have had to share this experience with.

And thanks to you all, the readers, because without an audience to write to, there wouldn’t be a need for news. Thank you for your understanding when there were printed errors, but also thank you for helping us to improve all the same.

Finally, I want to thank Stan King for bringing me to Indiana and making me feel at home. As well as a thanks to Goshen College for giving me such a fantastic opportunity to study here for three years of my life; three years that became some of the best years, three years that will always be a part of my memories due to the quality of adventures, people, and stories I came to know between the campus walls.

Yes, I have criticized Goshen College more than once, but it pains me to realize that after the 24th of April, I will no longer be a part of this student body. My experience attending Goshen College is similar to my experience with running this newspaper: although sometimes there are rough weeks, my time spent has been rewarding, and I’m extremely sad to see the time expire.

¡Gracias por todo!