On Monday night, Villanova defeated North Carolina at the buzzer to win the NCAA men’s national basketball championship.

Just a night later, another incredibly impressive feat was accomplished by UConn in the women’s national championship as the Huskies won their fourth straight title, defeating Syracuse 82-51.

A day after Kris Jenkin’s incredible shot, no one could stop talking about Villanova’s victory, and a day after UConn’s victory no one seems to care. Not only was it the school’s fourth straight title, but UConn seniors Moriah Jefferson, Morgan Tuck and Breanna Stewart will leave college never knowing what it’s like to NOT win a national championship.

Social media and media in general was buzzing during “March Madness,” but when it came to the women’s tournament there was relatively little to be mentioned.

Even Java Junction streamed the women’s championship and there was practically no one who came and watched. Even as Goshen’s women’s basketball team advanced through their national tournament, the Goshen community rallied around the team but the tournament itself failed to draw much outside interest.

Granted, this was the NAIA division II tournament not the NCAA tournament, but still the lack of interest in women’s sports is appalling.

Some may claim that the reason for this discrepancies is that women’s sports aren’t as interesting or as fun to watch as men’s sports.

That’s just not true.

When the GC women’s team made their incredible run, the Goshen community rallied to watch their games as they played in Iowa because it was fun and exciting time for Goshen sports.

Even though UConn wins a lot of the time, accomplishments like this need to be recognized and appreciated. When UConn’s men won the title two years ago, the attention and media coverage was insane. Both UConn teams captured the title giving UConn a unique claim, only the men’s team received most of the coverage.

It may be easy to fall into the habit of only paying attention to men’s sports because so often network’s and media’s focus is on men’s sports. But women’s sports can provide just as much entertainment and excitement as men’s sports and provide incredible moments and achievements.