Welcome back to campus!

After a brief break we are back at school and ready to go. If you haven’t already heard, there are not one, but two editors in chief for the Record this semester.

How will that work, you ask? Ask us again in late April.

But aside from the unavoidable issues that may crop up during the semester, we see the Record as an opportunity to both improve our journalism abilities and give back to the Record and campus what we have already been given.

We hope to provide a source of information to the readers as well as a place for people to have their voices heard.

One of the reasons we decided to co-edit was to combine our different perspectives that have been shaped by where we are from.

Coming from Pamplona, Spain and Kidron, Ohio gives us very different experiences in life that we will use to collaborate during our semester as co-editors.

We applied for the position last spring with a stance of uncertainty about whether or not we would even be selected as the co-editors in chief, but here we are. One of us was planning to be in Cambodia on SST and the other was planning on graduating early and pursuing a professional job.

We learned a small amount about the responsibilities of working for the Record by being the co-sports page editors for several semesters and are now branching out from the world of athletics into the broader spectrum of topics that the Record covers.

While we are slightly nervous, we are also very excited for this unique opportunity to gain valuable life experience and serve the Goshen College community.

We have assembled a strong staff with a good mix of experience as well as some new faces who will bring a fresh outlook to the process and we look forward to getting to know all of our colleagues better.

The commitment that the Record requires will undoubtedly make for some late nights for the two of us, but we look forward to the coming semester with an eagerness to provide the campus with a quality newspaper.

And remember, this paper is yours—so feel free to contribute in the way that you see fit. Feel free to contact the Record whenever you want, and thank you for your support.