On Tues. Jan. 12, a devastating earthquake reaching 7.0 on the Richter Scale hit Haiti, causing some of the most destruction ever seen in the country. The death toll has risen to 72,000 people, and it is feared that the number will keep rising.

Yet again, on Wednesday, another earthquake hit the already suffering country.

Even with such a strong presence of grim news, hope can be seen in many forms.

Great effort has been put into relief efforts for Haiti. Rescue teams and other volunteers have headed to the country to assist Haitian natives. Relief funds have been established, and donations have totaled over $200 million as of Tuesday afternoon.

All across campus I have seen our own efforts to help those in Haiti. Donation boxes are found in places like Java Junction and the Admissions office, and students are creating their own projects to raise money for Haiti.

In class and in the Communicator, we have been reminded to keep those in Haiti in our thoughts and prayers.

In a time of crisis such as this, thoughts and prayers are such a simple yet powerful action. I hope that in the upcoming weeks as the story in Haiti unfolds, you will continue to think of and pray for those in Haiti and challenge yourselves to help even more in your own ways.