Editing The Record this semester has been a lot like rollerblading while blindfolded. That is to say, every week, just when I thought I’d mastered feeling my way across the path, my feet would remember they were on skates and they’d fly out from beneath me. Editing means always being in some state of helplessness.

But despite my lack of sleep and the hit my grades have taken, I’m really grateful for this experience. Editing has been a gratifying end to my four years of Record involvement. I’m reminded of the significant role the paper plays on campus: it is a printed representation of the community we cherish. I’ve been privileged to have a leading role in forming that community for the last three months.

As I look back on the fall 2012 news, I realize that “change” has been a common theme.

Academic change: iPads for first-years, a new core curriculum, the first Sustainability Semester at Merry Lea, new master classes, online courses

Construction change: The underpass, the RFC pool, Union renovations, geothermal heating, an international education office

Campus change: A new Fraker menu, new clubs, the first Morocco SST, 100th anniversary of The Record

Still waiting for change: The commuter lounge’s completion, a lead on the case of Dr. Miller, a purpose for the pool space

How do we process change individually and as a campus? For some of us, it has been humor; for others, anger. Others have taken more of  a passive “whatever” stance. Regardless, I think this is a significant question to ask as we conclude the semester.

A tremendous thank you to a wonderful staff that has made the wild ride worth it. From copy-editors to writers to photographers to page editors to the layout staff–you have made this paper possible. And thank you to the readers who have eagerly opened the paper every week.