Suzanne Ehst, an adjunct professor of education and doctoral student at West Michigan University, wrote this poem in the form of a “Found” poem. Ehst gathered phrases from emails sent by the Obama campaign and organized them into verses.

This week, as the election nears its riveting end, I urge the campus to vote on Tuesday. However, I also hope that the end of the election can be recognized as an end to months of national and personal divisions. As Ehst introduces her poem, “May we all survive this political season with our grace and humor in tact!”


Before I take the stage,

Choose your car magnet.

Just give it a shot!

Free car magnet.

I’m asking one last time:

What sticker do you want?

Today only…

They’re free this weekend.I hope this is a role for you, Suzanne.


I don’t care if it’s you Suzanne.


I’m saving a seat for Suzanne.

I hope you do something about it.

Last call for dinner with Barack EVER.

Is it you, Suzanne?

We’ll fly you out for FREE.

Suzanne, thank you.

Seriously, thank you.

This email is going around:

What Mitt Romney thinks about you.

You gotta see this!

Open disdain for 47% of America,

This graphic needs to be shared.

Voting in some states starts in a matter of days.

Does Mitt Romney think climate change is funny?


That’s what Paul Ryan said.

About tonight:

The first lady knocked it out of the park

(The end of a campaign tradition).

Let’s win.

Respond quickly and powerfully!

This could swing the election!

You still haven’t claimed your free car magnet, Suzanne.

I’ll be damned.