Welcome (back) to Goshen College.

After a few months of emptiness, the life-giving energy of students has returned to the campus.

For the 117th year, students are meeting new friends and creating new routines in this land where the leafy maples grow.

As the Record editor for the fall semester, I hope to reflect campus life as authentically as possible and highlight issues or events that might not have caught the eye of students busy with their classes.

The Record will be a place where students read-up about what the rest of our Goshen College community are up to.

But more than telling the Goshen community new information, I would love for each reader to feel a collective ownership of the paper. This is not a paper for me or for the Communications department; it’s for everyone.

To achieve this, we staffers need feedback, story ideas and perspective articles from our readers to make The Record a better, more relevant publication. Any comments or story ideas can be sent to record@goshen.edu.

This summer, someone suggested that I start an international student bio box. The idea attracted me because of the opportunity to inform readers about a country in a personal way. I was also able to see the bios as a small way to address the separation that international students feel on-campus, a topic addressed in The Record during the spring semester. I hope that readers’ curiosity is piqued enough to approach other students and find out more about their lives.

Even though every student, international or not, has a unique story to tell in a bio, we’re focusing on internationals in order to give a voice to students who traditionally may not feel like they are heard.

Now, let us go on and educate ourselves in this spot we love most dearly.