After a lot of thought and much discussion, the decision was made to shift the function of the editorials in The Record.

The editorial this week presents an argument around the change in the convocation and chapel times and requirements. This editorial is not meant to critique the shift, the students, or the administration. It is there to bring to light another side of a story.

Editorials are not meant to belittle opinions or others, but rather show a side of an argument and validate it.

Although it is tradition that the editor writes an editorial each week, it has not always been opinion but more a personal essay. This semester it will serve as a discussion point and perhaps a shift in perspective.

In this vein, I invite anyone on campus, who feels so inclined, to write a letter to the editor.

How did you feel about the editorial? What made you connect to an article? What do you object to that was published? What does this campus need to know?

Editorials aren’t for attacks, but rather for another view on an issue that is relevant to us.