Phil Chan, a first year physics major from Miami, Florida, tells us what it’s like coming to Goshen from a city known for its beaches and warm climate.

Q. How does a student who had attended school in Miami hear about and be drawn to a small school like Goshen College?

A. I heard of Goshen College through a presentation made by a current Goshen College student I went to high school with—Frances Fonseca.

Q. Were you aware of the extreme difference in climate?

A. I’d never seen snow before coming to Goshen, so I was looking forward to winter the whole summer.

Q. How did you enjoy the snow once you saw it for the first time?

A. Once I saw snow, I was elated. I was so happy that I went outside and stared at the sky for hours, just embracing the weather and the snow.

Q. How does someone from Miami prepare to come to a college with what feels like an eternal winter?

A. I’ve definitely prepared for the snow; I bought a coat and couple of long pants. I want to keep myself warm, but at the same time, I wanted to experience the winter and the cold.

Q. What advice would you give to future Goshen College students coming from a warmer climate like the one in Miami?

A. Students who originally are coming from warm climates should bring gloves, hats, sweaters and coats; whatever they will need to protect themselves from getting sick.

Q. Coming from Miami, what have you enjoyed most about the snow?

A. I definitely appreciate the snow; I have been able to build snowmen and build and go inside of an igloo. I’m ready and looking forward to even more snow this winter.

Coming from the southern end of the country, Chan had to get accustomed to certain things upon his arrival in Goshen like spending Thanksgiving away from his family. However, Chan quickly found warmth in the community of Goshen.

Chan describes this Thanksgiving festivities at professor’s Dan Smith’s home, saying, “The dinner was extremely delicious and the portion of food was even a bit overwhelming.”

“I experienced a lot of a lot of warmth in their home,” Chan said. “They remind me of my own family and I’m ultimately grateful for everything they provided. Meeting loving families like that is definitely best ways to stay warm during the cold winter.”