Frank N. Furter lives on the second floor of the Kratz Residence Hall.

The bright red beta fish is owned by none other than Brandy Lowe, a sophomore from Angola, Ind., who happens to be the RA for Kratz 2. She is majoring in American Sign Language interpreting and minoring in pre-law. Her interest in those programs, along with her goal to become a legal/courtroom interpreter, is part of what brought her to Goshen College.

“There are only a few colleges in Indiana that offer American Sign Language interpreting,” Lowe said. “I [also] really like the community life because I was looking for a campus that I could get involved in and actually stay busy on the weekends.”

Academic interests and RA duties do not take up all of her time, however. She likes to relax and have fun like many other college students.

“I’m normally in Kratz 3 watching a movie with some of my friends until 2 in the morning,” Lowe said. “That’s pretty much what I do with my life.”

She interrupts herself here as another thought comes to mind: “Oh! And I sell Avon. That’s another fun thing I do.”

Lowe is particularly passionate about “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” which is why her fish is named after Tim Curry’s character in the 1975 movie.

“I love it because it is so different and many people don’t recognize it. Plus, it has such great songs,” she said.

Throughout the interview, there were many times where uncontrollable giggling took over the room. Near the end, we sang the chorus of “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” and successfully did a Baymax handshake, complete with the “Big Hero 6” character’s “Badalalala.” At one point, Lowe even lifted her ankle to show off her rhino tattoo.

“I love rhinos because they’re fierce and they are stern in what they believe, but yet they’re cute and people don’t always take them seriously,” she said. “My spirit animal is a rhino because I’m the same way.”

Being an RA is a new experience this year for Lowe. She was inspired to take on the role because of her pleasant experience on Kratz 2 the previous year, thanks in part to her former RA, Alia Byrd, now a junior.

“She was always really inviting and really wonderful, and I loved how the floor felt last year,” Lowe said. “I wanted to make that same thing happen this year, so I try to be present on the floor a lot and try to check in on people. My door’s always open…because I want everyone to feel like this is their home away from home.”

When the time came to choose a theme for the floor, the decision was an easy one for Lowe. Her theme is “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.,” based off the popular TV show that aired from 1994 to 2004.

“Before I got the job, I was watching ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ – binge-watching on Netflix, of course – so then I rewatched it a second time and then I was just like, ‘You know, this is an awesome show,’” Lowe said. “There are so many quotable things [from the show].”

Megan Raimbault, who lives on Kratz 2, is loving the dorm life. The first-year environmental science and music double major had nothing but praise for Lowe’s leadership skills.

“I love having Brandy as an RA,” said Raimbault. “She reaches out to everyone on the floor to get to know them, and works with us to plan floor events. I’m so glad to be on K2 with her!”

Lowe’s goal is to be a supportive RA, just like Byrd was to her.

“I was there last year,” she said, “so I want to be there for you.”

Spoken like a true F.R.I.E.N.D.