Men’s and women’s bowling will be added to the Maple Leaf sports lineup starting this fall, Goshen College announced last year.

Head coach for both bowling teams, Scott Curtis, continues scouting for his teams. With 13 recruits for the men’s team and nine for the women’s, he is on his way to a full roster.

The college does not have its own bowling facilities, but Maple City Bowl in Goshen is the closest bowling alley to the college. The bowling teams will use Maple City Bowl for practice, so college students and community members will naturally get to know one another in this shared space.

Liz Glaser, general manager of Maple City Bowl, and Curtis have been in contact — working together to enhance bowling in the community.

 “We’ve been having multiple events just to host the college students just [for them] to see what more is out there in the city,” Glaser said. “I’ve just been told there’s not a lot around in the area, but a bowling alley can offer multiple different things.”

Curtis looks forward to connecting his GC teams with the community, and children in particular.

“[There are] youth bowling leagues on the weekends at Maple City Bowl, so we’re giving back to the community by going in and watching the kids bowl … and helping them out,” Curtis said.  Curtis also wants to host a clinic or camp for future bowlers.

Eventually those same community kids might find their way to the college teams down the road, he added.

GC bowlers will represent the college in the community in this way, as good influences on the kids they help — not only teaching them what it’s like to bowl in college, but other life skills as well.

Curtis said that GC preaches community connection: “Well, the way I’m going to do it is with my team through the bowling alley.”