The subject matter may be challenging, but the path to tutors is now more accessible to Goshen College students.

In years past, students who wanted help with chemistry, math or writing would send a request in writing to the Academic Success Center (ASC) and wait for a tutor.

This semester, the center is introducing an electronic sign-up sheet that allows students to take initiative in making appointments.

The new sign-up method allows students to schedule tutoring sessions directly on the ASC web page. The page uses Google Calendar, so students and tutors will have the added convenience of the appointment being immediately added to their personal calendars. On the site, students are able to see which tutors are available for any given topic and when they are available to meet.

“The tutors are all settled and ready to go,” said Judy Weaver, director of the ASC.

Weaver said that Sam Smucker designed the webpage layout in only three weeks. For Smucker, academic technology and library assistant at GC, creating the sign-up mechanism was a new experience.

“It was a learning experience for me,” he said.

Smucker hopes that can students take full advantage of the new system. “It’s quicker and more convenient for students who want tutoring,” he said.

He added, “if people still can’t figure the site out, they are free to come by and make appointments!”

Siana Emery, who has been working as a tutor for two years, finds that the new system works well.

“The tutors are notified when a student signs up,” she said.

She said that, in the past, it was hard to see when students signed up. Tutors would message the student to work out a time to meet. According to Emery, communication difficulties sometimes made actually finding times to meet with students a challenge. With the new system, students are able to see what times work for both them and the tutors. This helps the tutor’s ability to come prepared for the the student that they are going to help.

Weaver and Smucker are eager to see their tree bear fruit. The hard work and time put into making the new update should make connecting students and tutors much easier.

Jackie Moreno, a senior, said that she’s grateful that the process for finding tutors is easier now. Moreno didn’t mind the way that the ASC was set up last year but said that, in regards to setting appointments, “it was just hard to find.”

Students had to physically go to the ASC to fill out a form that was then sent to Weaver.

“I didn’t like the endless emailing back and forth,” said Moreno of communicating with tutors. “I would just forget to respond and that was the last of that.”

“It’s a lot more streamlined now,” Emery said.

Tutors are now able to see who signed up for an appointment and be prepared for that students subject. Tutors aren’t coming to a session without knowledge of what the student needs.

Emery claimed that this new setup is much smoother, allowing tutors to create a better learning environment for the students. Both Emery and Moreno have enjoyed the newly accessible update.

Jesse Loewen, academic counselor, said students believe that there is a stigma around going to the ASC.

Loewen, a 2017 Goshen College graduate, said “as a student I felt timid.” After he was referred to the ASC by his professors, Loewen said he realized that the ASC just made things easier.

“Just getting writing help can take you from a C on a paper to a B,” he said.

As a counselor, Loewen enjoys seeing students being able to see that they are capable of showing such improvements.

“Doors are always open and we want everyone to feel welcomed,” Loewen said.

The ASC is a place for students to come and find the help that they need to succeed in their class.

Regardless of the question or the student’s concern Weaver, Smucker, and Loewen are committed to seeing students achieve their true potential.