“You, dear listener, are separated from me by a wall of the greatest impenetrability,” Greg Yoder playfully commented as he discussed the difficulties of piano performance. “The only way I can hope to reach you is through my little, black box.”

“I sit on the stage, and I pour myself into the box,” Yoder continued. “I pour in my dreams, my fears, my triumphs and my failures.”

Audiences will have the opportunity to witness such a performance when Yoder presents his senior piano recital on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in Rieth Recital Hall. Yoder feature works by Bach, Chopin, Brahms and Copland.

Yoder, a music education major, chose these pieces mostly based on his respect for and enjoyment of each composition. He also described in the program how he sees them interacting historically in various ways.

The performance on Friday will cap off months of preparation for Yoder, who will formally complete his degree next fall following student teaching.

“Playing the piano is a struggle,” Yoder said. “The piano is a percussion instrument. Sound is produced when the hammer strikes the string. Once the sound has been created, nothing can be done to change it.”

Yoder concludes that “what comes out will never be perfect, but it will be me.”

The recital is free of charge with no tickets required. The performance will last approximately one hour and will be followed by a reception with refreshments.