A weekend packed with theater is coming to brighten the grey cold of January.

Performances of the annual student-organized Winter One Acts begin Friday night after weeks of directing and working behind-the-scenes. The theme for this season’s theater productions is “Think for Yourself,” and the exciting one acts follow suit.

The one acts, which are produced twice a year, are an opportunity for a wide selection of students to get involved in theater. The one acts this year, some of which are written by students, include: “I Am Not Batman,” “Birth,” “Business Ethics,” “Eukiah” and “Let Me Be.”

From light design, costuming, directing and performing, to sound, set or media design, the Winter One Acts allow both veteran theater students and curious non-theater-persons to get involved in a rapid-paced production. Lewis Caskey plays the role of Mr. White in “Business Ethics,” a short comedy exploring opinions on ethics and how far different people are willing to go to make a profit. Caskey has been enjoying the chance to interact with a number of people he hadn’t spent time with before. Crafted in a short amount of time, the one acts come with a side-benefit for those involved. “The whole process is a lot shorter than the mainstage,” says Caskey, “so it has less of an impact on your semester as a whole.”

After a blitz of planning, designing and rehearsing, the show is about to open. And the students involved have many reasons why you should come. “There is a good variety of humor and seriousness mixed in them all. I think that it will be an evening that leaves the audience with a fair deal to contemplate,” says Aaron Kauffman, lighting designer for the production. Although a behind-the-scenes job, Aaron’s hours of design work affects the whole feel of the show. He believes that everyone should attend: “This is not only a good way to support your fellow students, but also in the midst of the semester, it is good to take a break and have some brain food…it will make you think…for yourself *drum beat/cymbal.” Brittany Lentz, who performs as a chorus member for the play “Birth,” has the final word: “There are both funny and serious plays that are all worth watching. And besides, what else are you going to do that weekend?”

Showing at the Umble Center. Friday, Jan. 29 8p.m.; Saturday, Jan 30 8p.m.; Sunday, Jan. 31,  3p.m. Tickets are available at Umble for $3.