In 1976, Judy Wenig-Horswell was asked to temporarily fill in for Abner Hershberger who was taking a sabbatical leave from the art department. Wenig-Horswell has been teaching art at Goshen College ever since.

Wenig-Horswell first heard about Goshen College when she began teaching high school art at Northridge High School in 1970. Three years later, Wenig-Horswell started teaching evening art classes at Goshen College, until 1976, when she began teaching full time at the college.

Now, 33 years later, it is time for retirement. After co-leading May term in England for the Arts in London course, Wenig-Horswell will be finished teaching.

According to Wenig-Horswell, next year holds a lot of fun, rest and opportunities for exploring hobbies such as fishing. “There is a barn in the back of my house that I have turned into my personal studio, so I plan on working a lot on my own art, making jewelry among other things,” she said.

In addition to fishing with her husband and making jewelry in her barn, Wenig-Horswell will enjoy traveling, gardening, reading and attending the gem and mineral show in Tucson, Arizona.

Katherine Luginbuhl, a sophomore art major, took jewelry last semester with Wenig-Horswell. “I really enjoyed taking a jewelry class with Judy,” Luginbuhl said. “She gave us the freedom to play around and explore new techniques on our own. Her years of experience and her sense of humor made the classroom a wonderful learning environment.”

Wenig-Horswell is excited about her retirement but is also excited for her students to have a new teacher, new opportunities and new experiences in the classroom. Currently, the art department is searching for a replacement candidate.

Wenig-Horswell will speak on her faith journey in chapel on Friday.