Trevor Hall, a 24-year-old indie artist, just released his ninth studio album entitled “Everything Everytime Everywhere.”

I was unsure if he could continue his poetic and acoustic reggae-driven vibe on another album, but I was inspired after listening to his new album and am obsessed with Hall’s music all over again.

The artist has taken multiple trips to India and it’s easy to see the inspiration, ideas and influence that the Indian culture and music has had in his recent work. His newest album echoes his 2007 album entitled “The Elephant’s Door” in how it catches these enchanting Indian tones.

Trevor Hall is a unique musician who has the ability to express spirituality, love, unity and a connectedness to the earth in his work. Hall continues themes in his songs from “Everything Everytime Everywhere.”

One of my favorite tracks from the latest album is “The Love Wouldn’t Die” because it describes the strength of love to overcome the power of adversity: “The world it is turning/Fire is burning/I keep on learning, learning in time/Listen the heart beat, beat on the whole street/They tried to sleep but the love wouldn’t die”.

With all that said, I would highly suggest checking out this album. You can learn more about Trevor Hall at or tune into The Globe.