Jonsi, Nov 5, Detroit

Over the Rhine, Oct. 29,  Goshen Theatre

Lady Gaga, Feb. 28, Chicago and March 1, Grand Rapids, Mich.

After I had the privilege of seeing The Wailin’ Jennys perform at Goshen College this month, it got me thinking about the other concerts that I am looking forward to attending, or are at least on my wish list. I am a true believer that the music is a lot better when performed live than on a digital recording. With the fall concert tours already here and the winter season fast approaching, there are a few concerts that I believe are a must see.

Best is always first: Jonsi in Detroit on Nov. 5. Jonsi—his performer alias—is the guitarist and vocalist for the Icelandic post-rock group Sigur Ros. However, during the week of April 5, 2010, he released his first solo album “Go” worldwide. Promptly after the release he announced he would be going on tour first in North American then traveling to Europe. It wasn’t until late July that Jonsi announced that he would be coming back to North America for a fall/winter tour. Once pre-sale began I snatched up some tickets and have been looking forward to the November concert ever since.

Jonsi’s performances are the best because he has teamed up with a stage production company that creates the most amazing live show experience possible for concert-goers. “The team has created a cross-artform live stage show bringing together the worlds of film, art installation, theatre performance, animation and live concert,” says Jonsi.  If you’re not willing to travel to Detroit there is also a show in Chicago on Nov. 3.

Second is Ohio-based band Over The Rhine. They will be coming to downtown Goshen to perform in the Goshen Theatre on Oct. 29. It has been about three years since Over The Rhine has performed in Goshen, but now they are back for a cause. Not only will the group fill the night with amazing folk/pop music, but the concert is also a fundraiser for a friend of the Goshen Theatre. All proceeds will go toward the expenses of getting a service dog for Joshua Bontrager, making this show a must-see with a purpose.

Last but not least, Lady Gaga is to perform in Chicago on Feb. 28. I have a soft spot in my heart for pop music some of the time. Being unable to see her at Lollapalooza this summer, I am really excited to be going in February with my cigarette sunglasses in hand. I do, after all, have to go a little crazy if I’m going to attend a Lady Gaga concert where “you dress to impress.”