The long-awaited Hour After will return to campus this weekend when 22nd Century takes the Newcomer stage for a night of jazz and pop entertainment. The diversity of performances the males of 22nd Century are providing for Hour After mirror their actions. The group is able to flip from banter and playful insults to harmonizing, quasi-romance songs in one breath.

The group is composed of 12 members, including Tim Bixler, Aaron Bontrager, Neal Brubaker, Jackson Bush, Brendyn Cane, Andre Eisenbeis, Taylor Ermonian, Caleb Harnish, Lucas Harnish, Benson Hostetter, Minah Kim and Jared Zook. The band was formed by Minah Kim, and while the group wants to keep what they are performing a secret until the weekend, they said the concert will feature a barbershop quartet.

The group transitions smoothly from friends hanging out to a well-organized band, haphazardly banging on drums and strumming guitars. They will have feature several musical guests, including Thomas Leonard, Phillip Longenecker, Jordan Weaver and Matt Wimmer.

Katie Dwyer-Zeman, assistant director of resident life, describes Hour After’s vibe as a pop comedy club, with a big group entertainment feel. At the performances, there will be colorful glass-bottled soda and pizza.

“All of the groups that applied had lots of talent and we decided this group stood out with their high entertainment value,” said Dwyer-Zeman. “On the application the group wrote their genre as ‘jazz, pop, and a few other things’ that intrigued us.”

“Enjoy the present,” said Harnish. Because this weekend, the group “will take you to the future.”