The Performing Arts Series of Sauder Concert Hall offers a range of performances, from radio hosts to symphonies to folk singers to classical boys’ choirs.  The series is meant to create a space for campus and community members to interact with Goshen College’s campus and each other in the presence of eclectic performers.

One such talent is the Vienna Boys Choir, which has been a long sought-after performance. However, due to scheduling, they were unable to come to Sauder until this performance season. The Vienna Boys Choir will be performing at 7:30 p.m. Friday in Sauder Concert Hall.

Brian Mast, the managing director of the music center, explained the desire to have them perform.

“They are the standard for which boys’ choirs are based,” said Mast.

Because the group is international, scheduling is very difficult because their route must line up with available dates in the series.

This choir is a non-profit organization based upon Viennese Court choirs from the Middle Ages.  The choir performs a wide repertoire including Austrian folk songs, classical pieces and pop medleys. Based in Austria, the choir is actually divided into four groups for touring and recording.

The choir’s aim, according to the Vienna Boys Choir website, is to educate the young boys in music and allow them to develop their full musical potential.

Mast said that as one of the best-known boys’ choirs in the world, they were an attractive addition to the series, as well as a sound that hasn’t been brought to the series before.

“The sound of a boys’ choir is unique and really beautiful,” Mast said.

Mast felt strongly that they were a good addition to the series, because of this and because they are a well-known group.

Uniquely, the Performing Arts Series is funded completely by ticket sales. The series is not funded by the college budget at all, which means that performances must draw a crowd or else the series cannot be funded.

Said Mast, “You can’t have eight Garrison Keillors, it would just be too expensive. The series depends on ticket revenue, so tickets have to sell.”

This year has been a year of impressive ticket sales for all of the performances, including this one.

The performance is sold out, however Mast suggests getting on a waiting list in the Welcome Center or coming to the box-office at 6:30 p.m. to be on a waiting list for any returned tickets.