Editor’s Note: Every once in a while I invite someone to share a story with the Record in the form of photojournalism, with a short statement detailing what the pictures mean to them. If you’re interested in that kind of storytelling, reach out to the Record or myself. This week’s come from Gloria Bontrager-Thomas, a sophomore currently on SST in Tanzania.

“This is Henry. He’s two, and doesn’t speak English. Since coming to Tanzania two weeks ago, we’ve been trying to figure out how to communicate without being able to speak the same language. We play ball, tickle, and chase each other around the house. The great thing is that he doesn’t understand that we’re at the same learning level, and it’s okay to take our time to figure out what we’re trying to say. On this particular day, he was showing me pictures of his parent’s wedding, and without knowing it, teaching me more than anyone else on this trip so far.”