Students had the opportunity to participate in a student art sale for downtown Goshen’s First Friday this past weekend. The theme of the November First Friday was “Art Tour.” The event called for artists of the Goshen area to present their work at the Goshen Farmers Market, Goshen Brewing Company, The Painted Finch and other local businesses.

“The November First Fridays were focused on local artists throughout downtown,” said Emma Zuercher, a senior sign language interpreting major with a minor in art. “A few months ago, folks at the Goshen Farmers Market contacted Merrill [Krabill] about featuring Goshen College students at the Farmers Market, so a group of us signed up.”

The event allowed GC students to learn about the business aspect that comes with producing and selling artwork. 

“Every time I get to sell, it becomes easier,” said Zuercher. “It has taken me time to figure out all the details needed for selling my art: tracking the time each piece takes, remembering to bring cash, keeping an inventory and finding the best way to display my work. It’s been incredibly valuable to have a place to learn how to do that with peers.”

Furthermore, selling work at the Goshen Farmers Market as opposed to on-campus events has allowed students to form connections with artists from Elkhart County and surrounding areas.

“Usually, the art sales I’ve participated in happen on campus at the student art sale,” said Zuercher. “It was fun to be able to apply what I’ve learned to a different setting. I enjoyed selling my work, seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. I met and made exciting connections with more experienced artists but also just relaxed and enjoyed the experience with my fellow student artists.”

Zuercher, along with other artists here at GC, plans to host a student art sale later this semester.

“There is one Goshen College student art sale every semester,” Zuercher said. “It is open to any students that want to sell art and have an inventory, although the  business planning aspect definitely is not necessary.”

The art community at Goshen College hopes to open this event up to all students who are interested.

“It is a casual environment for sharing art,” Zuercher said. “We want as many students as possible to feel welcome to sell their work.”The event will be on Friday, Dec. 2, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 3, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Union Building. Those who are interested can contact Simon Hertzler Gascho at or Brandon Jimenez at to get involved.