A dance is easy to pull off. The checklist includes a playlist of catchy songs, and well, actually that’s it. Pulling off a masquerade ball, however, is a far more ambitious endeavor. A group of Goshen College students partnering with Student Life are up to the task.

The idea for a masquerade ball came from a group of 16 students who live in Kulp. What was initially meant to be a Kulp-hosted masquerade transformed into an event more grandiose. Fearing that the number of people in attendance would be too many for Kulp, the group decided to host the ball in the Recreation Fitness Center pool area instead.

The goal of the masquerade ball on March 16 is more than just entertainment. Snacks provided by AVI, formal waltzing and Renaissance décor will provide plenty of the aforementioned entertainment. But the highlight will be the coming together of faculty, staff and students in a non-formal setting.

The masquerade is organized as a formal affair, but the organizers hope to displace any concerns of rigidity. While masks are required to enter and the dance will mimic the Renaissance period style, it is not meant to discourage anyone from attending.

“If you were to wear a Batman mask, you would be let in,” said Mohammad Rassoulipour, one of the organizers, adding, “but [you] will probably feel a little left out.”

The vastness of the pool space can make it hard to feel comfortable dancing, but the stately décor is designed to create an ambiance conducive to dancing. The theater department is helping with decorations as well as costumes for the ushers, who will be decked out in 1860s attire complete with ruffled collars.

The festivities begin at 9 p.m., although those who hope to impress others with their waltzing know-how can arrive at 8:30. Peter Miller, a GC graduate, and Caleb Sawin, a first-year, will be instructing guests on how to waltz properly. Josh Yoder will DJ for the first hour of formal dancing.

At 10 p.m. the masquerade will transition into a more casual dance party with Stuart Graber, a junior, as DJ. Rassoulipour said the party will progress into a less formal affair as faculty and staff begin to leave for the night. Those with the best masks will be crowned king and queen at 10 p.m. The ideal masks are ones that hold a mysterious and elegant vibe.

The masquerade ball is supported by Campus Activities Council and Student Senate and takes place on Saturday, March 16, at 9 p.m. in the RFC pool space.