Artwork by four Goshen College seniors is on display in the Hershberger Art Gallery through March 27. These students–Abe Stucky, Laurel Woodward, Emma Brooks and Meredith Ebersole–are participating in the first of two senior art exhibits this semester. A reception to celebrate the work of these four artists was held in the Music Center on Sunday, March 9.

The exhibit features many types of artwork, including ceramics, figure drawing, mixed media and graphic design.

Brooks, who chose to present graphic design works, is using different techniques to display her designs. For example, a spiral-bound calendar hangs from fishing line, while an origami piece is stored in a glass box.

“I had to be more creative for setting up,” said Brooks. “It was a challenge for me.”

According to Brooks, she was added to the first exhibit for a creative balance; she is the only student showing graphic designs.

Stucky, on the other hand, submitted ceramics for the exhibit. Many of his creations, including mugs and porcelain teapots, are on display. Grouping together similar pieces, Stucky includes multiple pieces in specific series. In the “Quantum Series,” there are a set of mugs that incorporate value and probability equations. Ceramic plates with Chinese characters on them are on display in another series.

Ebersole presents her work with mixed media, an artistic form that combines different types of visual media. Most of the artwork presented is acrylic painting, but also includes stitching, sketching and staining.

“Portraits on wood were done with items such as strawberries, chocolate, coffee, spaghetti sauce and other items I found around my house and kitchen,” Ebersole said.

Laurel Woodward, who shows her figure drawings in the exhibit, described her personal connection to her work. Most of her pieces are based on personal photos. Children and families are portrayed in the art, along with many different representative colors in the background. Woodward also displays charcoal drawings on painted canvases.

The Senior Art Show is a graduation requirement for any art major. All nine senior art majors will be presenting work in the gallery, either in the first exhibit or the second.

The second Senior Art Exhibition will start April 2 and continue through April 17. The reception for this exhibit will be held Sunday, April 7. The second set of students who will be presenting their work are Ben Adams, Abbie Miller, Sara Soto, Juan Carlos Diaz and Daniel Buschert. A combined senior show will open on April 22; a reception will be held on April 27.