On Tuesday, December 8th, a hodgepodge of ceramics, photographs, jewelry, sculptures, CD’s, books and more will fill the hallway of the Union. Each student-created work will be on sale as part of the Student Art Sale, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Student Art Sale is an opportunity for students to display and sell their creative works to peers, faculty and community members. It is typically held at the end of every semester on reading day.

The art sale has been a running tradition since the fall of 1970. In the past, ceramics took up a majority of the sale. However, as the college has increased its art resources over the years, the sale has grown to include a variety of mediums.

“Last year we started trying to reach broader,” said Alana Kenagy, coordinator of the event. “Now student publications like Pinchpenny Press books as well as CD’s by some of our talented musicians are sold.”

Some featured work will be jewelry by Greta Breckbill, photography by Angelica Lehman, printmaking by Annali Smucker, ceramics by Alex Caskey and sculpture by Alana Kenagy. Also featured will be CD’s by Teen Drone, The Swine Flu Zombies, and the Men’s and Women’s Choir.

“Personally, the art sale is a lot of fun,” said Lehman, who will be selling some of her favorite photographs of buildings and doors,  “It’s a way that I can express myself and actually show off some of the work that I’ve done.”

Also on sale will be the book “Goshen Portraits 3,” a collaboration of student-written profiles of Goshen faculty and community members. Several people profiled will be Regina Shands Stoltzfus, written by Kathryn Birky; Jim Brenneman, written by Sheldon Good; and Helen Alderfer, written by Chase Snyder.

“Today I saw someone walking around with a really sweet mug,” said Lehman, “She said it was from the art sale last year and it was her favorite!”

In other words, don’t miss this opportunity to support fellow students–and also the obvious: get really cool stuff.

Art, music, writings or any other works are still being accepted for the sale. Contact Alana Kenagy at alanask@goshen.edu if you are interested in participating.