Looking for a chance to revel in the memories of your first experience in a locker room or at an awkward slow dance prom? Attend the “School House Rocks” hour after at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The first half of the show will feature many recognizable, sing-along songs, while the second half will be more upbeat.

“We hope that people will get up out of their chairs and groove!” said Ben Noll, a senior who will sing lead vocals on many of the songs.

The primary people involved include Noll, Sheldon Good, Greg Yoder and Rafael Chavez – all seniors. Other participating members from School House (who are all seniors) include Lane Miller, Tyler Falk and Matt Harms. Leah Yoder, a junior, and Jesse Landis-Eigsti, a senior, will also play key roles. In addition, some special guests will make appearances.

“We chose music that we like and translates well to live performances,” Good said. “We only want to play music that people will enjoy.”

Happy Camper and the Bees will also premiere a Goshen-themed tune to its first public audience, outside of School House.

“In keeping with the School House theme, we hope that it will bring back painfully hilarious memories of middle school dances and proms,” said Noll. “There may even be an opportunity to relive that awkward slow dance with your date!”

A few tickets for both nights are still on sale in AD 14. GEEKs can purchase tickets for free, and all others can purchase tickets for $5.