Internationally renowned singer/songwriter Sade Adu has never ceased to amaze listeners all over the world with her seemingly simple but thoughtful lyrics. Those words combine with seemingly simple rhythm and of course Adu’s unique, nostalgic and soothing voice. Her style of harmony is filled with melancholy, yet in combination with other musical elements, it creates a marvelous effect. Graceful, shocking and mysterious are three words that best describes this award-winning bi-racial superstar.

Adu’s life and past is what breathes life into her music. The sorrowful animation of her intriguing voice is reflected in her words during an interview with Robert Sandall of the Sunday Times. “My mother left my father because she found it impossible to live with him, although they loved each other very much. It was hard for my mother because he was the man of her life. On her wedding day, my father gave her a red rose and when he died she threw it in his grave. She’d kept it for 30 years. That was the moment I realized how deeply she cared for him,” said Adu. This is reflected in the memorable track title “King of Sorrow” from the 2000 album, Lovers Rock. The lyrics are so simple but full of emotion, loaded with meanings that warm the soul in a magnificent way. This song, like many others, made its way up to number one on the US Billboard chart. Some of Adu’s other work includes the debut album Diamond Life (1984), Promise (1985), Stronger than Pride (1988), Love Deluxe (1992) and Lovers Rock (2000).

Many would agree that Adu’s blend of music is hard to put in a box. This is especially true with her latest effort, Soldier of Love, which premiered first as a single in Dec. 8, 2009 before the album was released worldwide on Feb. 18, 2010. Soldier of Love was an exciting way for Adu to re-penetrate and rule the airwaves one again. The fierce militaristic rhythm personifies her relevance in contemporary music while her voice harmoniously symbolizes her timelessness. Soldier of Love is available on CD and digital download worldwide. Her global tour kicks off in North America on May 16, 2011 at 1st Arena Mariner in Baltimore, Md.