Former Goshen College art professor Randy Horst presented his new art exhibit in GC’s Hershberger Art Gallery on Sunday, Jan. 22.  The opening also included a reception where Horst reflected on his work, which is titled “Inside Voices.”

After serving as a professor at GC for 13 years, Horst retired last spring. He graduated from GC after transferring from Hesston College, and received his Master of Fine Arts from Bowling Green University in 1986. Horst remains involved in the local community, and his passion for art extends past the visual — he is currently in two local musical groups: “The Dawg” and “Joy Spring.” 

When it comes to this specific exhibit, each piece is part of a triptych (a set of three images) inspired by what Horst called a “biblical and Christian narrative.” However, Horst clarified that these images are not meant to tell these familiar stories simply; instead, he was “interested in exploring how an individual emotionally reacts to some of the circumstances” that can be found present in these tales. 

As for the individual images, Horst said that he focused on “facial expressions and hand gestures to both explore and express those emotions.” The use of three images also added to emotional expression, as it gave him more space to explore the “wider range of emotional responses” that individuals may have in response to such significant events, especially when put into relation to our lives today. 

To that end, he said that there was no overall theme or focus other than “how we as humans experience life’s challenges, joys, and sometimes even transcendence.”

Current GC art professor Merrill Krabill said he is “very much looking forward to seeing the results of [Horst] having more time working in the studio” and what new works he will produce. 

“Randy has had a long history of adding to the art and music scenes on campus and in the region,” Krabill said.

The exhibit will be on display in the Hershberger Art Gallery of GC’s Music Center through March 19. The gallery is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.