Do you know how creative Goshen students are? The latest issue of Red Cents, a Goshen College student publication, will be released on May 2, and it may be the best way to find out.

Red Cents is a creative arts journal that was first published in 2005 as an opportunity for artists and creative writers to be published and find recognition on campus. It has since continued to be published through the interest of students.

Red Cents contains a variety of creative works including poetry, short stories, two-dimensional art images, and memoirs. The pieces are submitted voluntarily by student artists and a short biography is included with each piece.

“[Red Cents] shows that we have a huge amount of creative talent on campus,” said Chelsea Kaufman, a senior and current editor of Red Cents. Kaufman said the journal tries to publish as wide a variety of creative material as possible and all are encouraged to submit work they have done, regardless of how long ago it was created.

Kaufman emphasized the importance of supporting Red Cents. “It is really one of the few official recognitions of all the creative stuff happening on campus,” Kaufman said, “It is a publication of fellow students by fellow students. It is really a student generated project.”

Paul Versluis, a senior and student artist who submitted a photograph in this year’s Red Cents, said he has appreciated being a part of the journal because it gives the chance for work done in a classroom setting to be seen and appreciated by those outside of the class. Red Cents also provides the opportunity to help build the résumés of student artists.

Red Cents will be available for purchase on Reading Day, Monday, May 2, during a proposed Student Art Sale. There will also be a release party coming up soon with red snacks, music, and some of the artists and writers featured in the journal there to talk about their work. If you are interested in submitting work for next year or working as a staff member, contact junior Annie Martins, Julie Bruneau, assistant professor of English, or Ann Hostetler, professor of English.