“Quilts from the Permanent Collection”

Location: Good Library basement gallery

Open: May 25 to July 6, 2012

Opening Reception Sunday, March 25, 3-5 p.m.

Sponsored by the Mennonite-Amish Museum Committee

“Since my my first year of college, I have been interested in working with Mennonite Historical Library’s exhibits in the library gallery… so I was excited to have the opportunity to curate this year’s quilt exhibit. I have always enjoyed sewing but had never quilted before so I knew that I would learn a lot about quilting while working on the exhibit. Historical dress and costumes have fascinated me since I was little, so the relationship between quilts and the quilting communities’ clothing style was an interesting connection I learned while working on the exhibit. Dress reflects the values of a community; similarly, quilts reflect the communities that created them. The communal process of making the quilts related to my own process of arranging and piecing together the exhibit.”  — Melissa Kauffman, senior history major