Looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further than Newcomer 19, where beats will be dropping and the party will be hopping as Jeremy Pope and Carl Steen, both seniors, host their “Party Hardy” hour-after. It’s called “Party Hardy” for a reason: they will be expecting a lot of dancing from their audience.

“It’s all going to be uptempo,” says Pope. “It’s just going to be fun. Too fun.”

“This hour after features some R&B tunes, takes us back to the 90’s, and includes some current tracks,” said Angelica Lehman, a junior. Lehman will be providing vocals on many of the songs. “I love being a part of hour afters especially because so many of them are different.”

Most of the music will be covers, but Pope and Steen will also be performing two original songs: “Say Goodnight,” and “Don’t You Know.” “Say Goodnight” is a track off of an album they released last year, while “Don’t You Know” was going to be performed at Kick-Off while the judges were deciding the winners, but they didn’t get a chance to perform it before the judges announced the winners.

“Pope and Steen originals are always something to look forward to,” said Lehman.

In addition to Lehman, Pope and Steen are bringing many others to the stage. Daniel Butler, a senior, and Charles Dixon, a sophomore, will be singing and playing the drums, while Kari Heusinkveld, a sophomore, Kyle Davis, a sophomore, Afrah Haile, a senior, and Nate Manning, a junior, will all be seen on stage.

“There’s also a lot of new faces comin’ on stage which makes it so fun,” said Lehman. “It’s always awesome to see who has musical talent, and usually totally unexpected.”

Pope was sure to point out the talented band that will be backing them up: Nathaniel Tann, a sophomore, Henry Stewart, a freshman, Ali Uhey, a senior, and Raymond Waweru, a senior, will all be providing musical talent.

However, it’s not all going to be singing and rapping. “There will be funny moments too,” said Pope. “We love putting a smile on peoples faces, making people laugh. We just love performing, and really get a buzz from it.”

GEEKs will be able to get in free; for all others, tickets are on sale now in AD14 for $7.

In the words of Haile, “It’s about to GO DOWN!”