Looking for a night of words?

The third annual Goshen College Poetry Slam will be held at 10 p.m. on Friday in Newcomer 19, providing an opportunity to read and participate or just listen and enjoy.

“Poetry readings have been done historically on campus,” said English professor Jessica Baldanzi, one of the coordinators. “This is the third recent one.”

The event, hosted by CAC, will be black- and white- themed and attendees should follow a black and white dress code. Judges of the slam are previous competitors Kate Friesen, Issac Hernandez, Abi Tsigie and CAC representative Sam Jones. MCs will be Cora Broaddus and Dolly Zewdie.

“It’s a competition,” Broaddus said. “It’s like a rap battle but with less swearing.”

Students interested in reading original or non-original works should sign up by Friday at 5 p.m. on the English department board in NC.

“If you’re a writer, it is a totally different experience to read,” Baldanzi said. “It’s great for getting writing out there and this event is fun, laid-back and low-pressure.”

There will be two rounds of reading – one initial round and one finals round – so competitors should have two pieces ready. Winners of the slam will receive Java bucks.

Those not interested in participating can come and enjoy both poetry and refreshments.

“Poetry is expression and it can connect you to many other people,” Broaddus said. “People should come to support their friends and see all of the great poetic talent that is on our campus.”