Performing arts series returns to Sauder concert hall

The Goshen College Music Center is reintroducing the Performing Arts Series (PAS) in 2021 and 2022 to showcase nine eclectic performances.

The PAS consists of new music artists and brings back fan favorites such as GC alum Carrie Newcomer and husband-and-wife duo Over the Rhine.

“I love the performing art series … it is a great way to connect with the community, which is a big part of what the music center’s mission is,” says Brian Mast, executive director of the series and Goshen College’s Music Center.

Many people from the community and different parts of the country are expected to attend the long-awaited series. 

“I get most excited when I hear about people coming from different states,” Mast said. “We’ve had people from Detroit … Chicago and all over come to some of these performances. I see that as our mission and one of those big ways we provide great art.” 

The Performing Art Series is primarily self-funded through ticket revenue and large donations. Ticket sales were down, though, because of the pandemic. 

Goshen College put the 2020 and spring 2021 performances on hold due to COVID-19. This fall, the series will be in-person and continue to follow safety protocols, such as indoor mask requirements.

At some of the performers’ requests, audience members will have to prove they have been vaccinated or show a negative COVID-19 test result dating back forty-eight hours. 

This request is not a brand new one. Many events, such as these, are now requiring additional measures for everyone’s safety.

“I’m finding it’s industry standard right now,” said Mast. “That’s happened with a couple of big acts recently … they want everyone to be safe.”

Tickets are sold in levels of A ($45), B ($40) and C ($30). Part of the music department’s promotional strategy is the more performances you buy, the bigger the discount. Students can expect to receive an even more significant bargain.

“Goshen College students can buy $10 tickets for themselves,” said Mast. “They should pre-purchase those. Don’t wait until the night of.”

Another way for students to attend the current event and future PAS events is by becoming an usher.

The music department is continually looking for people to fill that role. There are added benefits to doing so. 

“The Goshen College production manager, Brody Thomas, is the person to contact for that,” said Mast. “His email is He’s creating an usher pool. The benefit of that is if you usher a certain number of concerts, you get guaranteed free tickets to all of the Performing Art Series!” 

Mast further emphasized his desire to see additional Goshen College students at these types of programs. The concerts feature a wide variety of music genres, so there is something for everyone.

“That’s why we try to have a special student price for them,” says Mast. “We have folk music, Americana, jazz, classical music … all kinds of things. I’d love to see more Goshen College students connect and take part.” 

Tickets for those interested in the Performing Art Series, for students and non-students alike, can be purchased online at