Fiction writers and poets have been crawling out of the Goshen College woodwork in the past few weeks.

The Broadside board recently hosted a short fiction contest, which received almost 30 submissions written by students. Abe Pauls won the contest with a short story about a little boy who tries to travel to a parallel universe through the toilet.

The English department also held a poetry slam on October 30. The winning poem, written by Nathan Stoess, was inspired by the Biblical passage in which God tells Moses, “I am what I am.”

For writers on campus who missed these recent literary events, there are still plenty of opportunities for publication. Pinchpenny Press and Broadside are two publishing boards run by the English department. Pinchpenny publishes short books including collections of poetry, stories and comics, of about 40 pages. Broadside publishes short stories, essays and poems that fit on one sheet of paper and are distributed by mail to anyone who subscribes, for free, to Broadside.

Anyone interested in submitting a piece of original work to either of these boards for possible publication should contact Emily Taylor, this year’s Horswell fellow, or any English professor.