The Hershberger Gallery, located in the Music Center, opened a new graphic design exhibit Nov. 16. The exhibit features recent work from two Goshen College alumni, Anne Berry, a 1999 graduate, and Peni Acayo, a 2011 graduate.

Following the gallery opening, Berry and Acayo gave a Topics and Issues presentation, where they discussed the meaning behind each of their projects.

Berry is a visual communication design professor at the University of Notre Dame. She created her compilation, a historical display chronicling the story of desegregation in South Bend, with the intention of communicating sensitivity to the pain of others. Berry challenged the audience to consider access, privilege, history and context while observing and

creating artwork.

Berry explores ways of making information available through research and education, reminding designers to consider their tone and audience as they create. She encourages artists to think about the space their work is displayed in, and how others might perceive it on a variety of levels.

Jama Yoder, a senior art major, said, “Her art made me realize the importance of research and context behind projects – especially for public art.”

Acayo is a research associate at the University of Notre Dame. She is currently using her graphic design work to create displays for rural African communities about malaria symptoms and treatment. In her work, she explores ways of conveying information without text. Her pieces show images of different symptoms and tips for preventative care. She also created dosage cards, showing individuals how to use

malaria medication.

Before starting the project, Acayo researched the houses and cultural barriers within these communities, so that her design reflected the reality of her target audience.

“I really liked seeing how a current issue was taken into context and art was made about that,” Ida Short, a senior art major, said. “I liked how both of these felt like causes that were working toward a goal.”

There is a DVD copy of the Topics and Issues session available at Good Library. The exhibit will be up through Sunday,

Jan. 18, 2015.