This weekend, while many of their friends head south to warmer weather, the Goshen College Men’s Chorus will set off on a spring break adventure to Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

Though touring through the fields of the Midwest may not seem like the best way to escape Goshen winter, members of the choir are looking forward to the week ahead.

Daniel Driver, a senior, is anticipating his second tour with the men’s choir to be “a fantastic chance to bond with guys that I don’t ever get a chance to know outside of choir practice. You can’t replicate the camaraderie brought about by a fifteen hour bus ride!”

The theme “Light in the Darkness” is intended to reflect the ever-present light that Christ brings in times of turmoil and grief, hopefully themes with which both choir members and audience members can connect.

“We have a really diverse selection of music,” said Justin Yoder, a junior. “A lot of the pieces relate to the themes of light and darkness, hope and fear, joy and pain, which feels really appropriate in light of what our community has experienced over the past months.”

Bringing their repertoire to churches in Kansas City, Newton, Hesston, Iowa City and beyond, the men hope to not only have a memorable time with each other, but with their audiences as well. Director Scott Hochstetler hopes that the choir’s singing “can be a healing force for all who hear.”

All are invited to the post-tour home concert in Sauder Hall on March 4 where the Goshen community will have the opportunity to watch the polished performance. On March 8 the choir will travel to perform at the American Choral Directors Central Division Regional Conference in Fort Wayne after being the only men’s chorus in the four-state region to be invited.

As if that is not enough incentive for the men to be excited for their tour, there is word that they will be getting barbecue catered for them while in Kansas City.

“That’s reason enough to give up spring break in my book,” Driver said.