A new installation art and printmaking exhibition opens this Sunday, Jan. 17, with a reception following from 2-3:30 p.m. Located in the Music Center’s Hershberger Art Gallery, Goshen College alumni Ben Reed ’04 and Sue Hershberger Yoder ’91 will each present their art.

Defying the stereotypical divide between art and sports, Ben Reed bridges the gap in an exciting new work titled “Strategy through Creativity.” With a master’s degree in fine arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Reed’s installation creates a smart connection between soccer and art. Large male mannequins stand dressed in suits, peering over large white boards marked with the movements of key World Cup plays. The art expresses both the drama of the game and explores the role of players in corporatized athletics. Themes of repetition, the nature of human learning and development, and the pursuit of perfection are evident in Reed’s art. His newest work is experimental; it is new to the art world and Goshen College.

Sue Hershberger Yoder ‘91 views cultural phenomena through the framework of the natural world. Inspired by nature and greatly influenced by her artist father, Sue uses the medium of printmaking to explore the terrain between art and design. Daughter of Goshen College Professors Abner and Anne Hershberger, Sue creates saturated and vibrant images that have gained her status as a fine printmaking teacher at Syracuse University, The Pacific Northwest College of Art and New York University, where she earned her MA in printmaking in 1998. She regularly creates and shows work for the fashion industry; her designs have appeared in magazines such as “Vogue,” “Elle,” “InStyle,” “Interview” and “Vanity Fair.”

The exhibition is located in the Music Center’s Hershberger Art Gallery; the reception takes place on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2 to 3:30 p.m.