Kristi Glick didn’t give herself an easy summer, instead she pursued her artistic endeavors outside of Goshen College.

At the beginning of this month, Glick received first place in the enamel category at the 13th Biennial Alchemy International Juried Exhibition. Her winning jewelry piece is titled “Imagination Moons” and will travel with the Alchemy International traveling exhibition, which will make stops throughout Tennessee.

Glick also guest-taught at Arizona Designer Craftsman after the company asked her to give a two-day workshop on metal work in art. The topic includes a wide range of subjects such as jewelry, sculpture and enameling, but Glick’s specific interest is in practical artwork, such as wearable art.

“Metalworking can include aspects of both sculpture and jewelry,” Glick said. “My pieces are not what you would wear every day but break out on a special occasion.”

As Glick continues to fuel her passion for art as a studio artist, she encourages others seek a community in which to share in creating art. She especially emphasizes the importance of personal initiative.

“Just keep creating, be tenacious,” she said. “Find an inner drive to just keep making works.”

She considers her time as an undergraduate interdisciplinary major at Goshen as the time when she embraced her creative nature.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve liked to make things,” Glick said.

If you wish to learn more about the Alchemy International exhibition or view some of Glick’s work, visit

Glick will also be featured in the Faculty Exhibition at the Abner Hershberger Gallery at GC beginning on Oct. 8.