Goshen’s fall semester is being hailed in with aPrice is Right”-themed kickoff, “Kick It Off Right!” With prizes, mini games and a Bob Barker doppelganger, Campus Activities Council is providing the whole game show package.

Audience members will be able to participate in, among other things, a contestant’s row, bidding games and a Plinko board—a large board full of nails with slots at the bottom.  A player drops in a hockey puck and depending on which slot the hockey puck lands in, will receive a prize or no prize. The board was provided through the effort of Ben Hochstetler, a sophomore CAC member.

“We are blending the line between tacky and elegant,” said Katie Dwyer, Kratz-Miller resident director and CAC leader. “Price is Right is tacky and Kickoff is elegant.”

The decorations will be vibrant and colorful with sprinklings of dollar signs.

“We utilized a lot of balloons,” said Dwyer.

This year, according to Dwyer, there were 23 groups or individuals who auditioned for kickoff and 13 slots were filled.

“We rated them on a scale of one to five and there was one section during tryouts that was five after five after five,” said Yuli Whiteman, sophomore CAC member.

“I am more excited for kickoff than I have been in the past because this year everyone is keeping their act secret and I have no idea what to expect,” said Hannah Barg, a sophomore. “I love surprises.”

Ben Hochstetler said, “There is only one member who was on CAC last year, Zoe Blosser, so we are functioning with a whole new crew who are open to new ideas.”

Kickoff will be 10pm to midnight Saturday. There will be an after-party in NC 19 with dancing, gourmet cheesecake and gourmet soft pretzels from midnight to 2am.