Looking for an opportunity to dress up after dark?

This Friday and Saturday provide a chance to dig out the frills and enjoy the next round of Hour After, with Nate Day and Aaron Kaufmann’s ‘Eclectic Adventure’.

Day and Kaufmann, seniors, will deliver another night of music, with a mix of eclectic, folk, rap, comedic hymns and even a medley by The Beatles. The event is hosted by the CAC. Chagan Sanathu, a member of CAC, promises the night will be full of surprises.

“It’s a fun space to come see your peers showing off their talents in an informal setting,” said Sanathu. “We are excited to have Aaron and Nate along with a very talented crew perform their remarkable musical skills.”

Day and Kaufmann will be joined by many other performers, such as Jacob Landis-Eigsti, Reuben Sancken, Elspeth Stalter, Andrea Detweiler, Sarah Gotwals Rody, Laurel Woodward, Josh Delp and other friends.

Gotwals Rody will be playing piano.

“It is going to be awesome. Also funny,” said Gotwals Rody. “There will be mandolin, guitar, ukelele and a bunch of kitchen utensils.”

The shows will be at the same location as the previous Hour After, in NC 19. Tickets can be purchased Thursday at the Rot or at Student Life. Bring a friend, or five.