Work of ceramics artist Juan Granados is currently being featured in the Hershberger Gallery.  Granados, the current Associate Professor of Art at Texas Tech, has been a successful solo artist and professor of art for years.

Having been featured in both national and international galleries, Granados’ distinctively earthen style has attracted audiences worldwide. Granados uses his pieces to reflect the organic material that all matter derives from.

Having spent much time working with the land and observing the cycles of earth and the seasons, his artwork reflects a distinct reverence for nature. Specifically, Granados designs organically ornate replications of anatomical structures belonging to both plants and animals.Other pieces reflect the harvest and its grid-like agricultural arrangements.

To explore Granados’ artwork and to hear from the artist himself, all students and the general public are invited to attend a lecture from Granados on Feb. 20 at 7:30 in the Reith Recital Hall. The gallery will be on display now until March 8.