MennoNight Live is not the only late night show on campus this semester.  David Harnish and Abe Pauls, both seniors, will be hosting “The Later Tonight Show,” an Hour After event, on Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. in Newcomer 19.  This event is free to all Goshen College students.

The pair wanted to host an Hour After event but agreed that they did not want to perform music for an entire night.  Instead, they decided to create a variety show that will include monologues, guest interviews with various Goshen College faculty members, interactive games with the audience and musical performances by different musical groups on campus.

“We wanted to do something different,” said Pauls.  Harnish added, “A little humor, an interview and music.”

Building the set, writing monologues and practicing musical transitions have kept Harnish and Pauls busy this week and will continue to keep them busy until their performances this weekend.  They have also spent time coordinating other performers.

Attendees can expect to hear live musical performances by Cora Broaddus, Alisha Bender, Nate Day, Emily Grimes, Drew Nussbaum, Patrick Ressler and the GC Lavender Jazz Ensemble.

Funk, neo-soul, jazz, 80s pop, acoustic guitar, hip-hop and R&B styles by artists such as Chris Brown, Whitney Houston and the Jackson 5 will add to the musical variety at the performance.

The Hipster Pops, musicians from Spring Kick-Off 2012, will also perform and provide transitional music.  “We’re psyched about having them,” said Harnish.

Music will comprise slightly more than half of the show, which will last for about an hour and a half, according to Harnish and Pauls.  A non-musical game of “Will It Float?” will accompany other games and entertainment.

In anticipation of the coming performances, Pauls said, “Hopefully we won’t embarrass ourselves too much.”