On Friday, Goshen College presented its annual fall choral concert in Sauder Concert Hall. 

The concert featured the three Goshen College choirs: Chamber Choir, Vox Profundi and Voices of the Earth. 

“There’s something about a performance that allows everyone to focus at the same time,” said H. Roz Woll, professor of music at Goshen College and director of Voices of the Earth. “It’s a chance for the choir to give something to the audience and take them somewhere. That can create a different musical experience.”

Goshen College’s music department is made up of students and faculty from many different backgrounds and cultures.

“The students bring strong music traditions,” said Woll. “The school has a history of supporting music programming…and wanting to develop and support strong music ensembles.”

Live performances were put on hold due to COVID-19. As the pandemic slowed down, Woll became excited about the possibility of singing for a live audience once more.

“This was the first choral concert since the pandemic started,” said Woll. “It was lovely to have people in the room again. This one was different to be able to sing with people in the room.”

Bongiwe Ncube, a biochemistry student and second-year member of Voices of the Earth, expressed a similar sentiment.

“It was an exhilarating experience to participate in the choral concert,” said Ncube. “We performed for a live audience this year…I joined last fall but could not participate…due to COVID-related reasons.” 

Auditions will take place next spring, and the choral department is always looking for new voices. 

“They’ll happen officially at the beginning of next semester,” said Woll. “If anyone is hesitant, just come join! You can bring any song.”

Ncube also encouraged people to join Voices of the Earth.

“By joining choir, one is awarded the opportunity to add to the intricate tapestry of music interwoven by multiple voices,” said Ncube. “One learns to listen to other voices, not just their own.”


Upcoming performances for the choirs include:

TrebleFest Choral Concert: Tuesday, Nov. 9, 7:30 pm Sauder Concert Hall. Free and open to the public.

A Festival of Carols: Dec. 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sauder Concert Hall. $15, reserved seating.